Streamline Donations With Online Appointments

Plasma donations are set to skyrocket in the coming years. Are you ready to scale with the growing demand? Learn how donation centers are moving to appointment-only or hybrid solutions to get the most out of their facilities and staff.

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Get More Donations Within the Same Business Hours

Reduce long lines, upset donors, and stressed staff with online booking. Whether moving to appointment-only or a hybrid solution that still serves walk-in donors, we can help navigate the transition to ensure success. At DaySmart Appointments, we’ve helped some of the largest and smallest plasma collection companies implement online appointments. Keep reading to learn how.

Improve Facility Operations

Plasma donation

Give donors control over their schedule

Most donors stop coming back because of the hassle and time commitment of donating. Give them some agency by letting them pick their appointment time with confidence they’ll be in and out without waiting in line.

Give your staff a heads-up

The staff in your centers hate getting bombarded with an unexpected wave of donors. Give them some breathing room by letting them see the schedule for the day and know what’s coming

Forecast for the higher-ups

Appointment and schedule data is a crystal ball. Gain insights into the future so your leadership teams can set projections and watch them come true

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Do More With Less

Build a Community

Control the Flow

Utilize the most flexible scheduling tool on the market to manage the flow of new and returning donors

Plan with Confidence

Know when your donors are coming and what resources you’ll need available ahead of time

Maximize Donations

Get insights into where and when you have opportunities to expand your schedule and get more donors in the chair.

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Communicate With Donors

Plasma donation in 30 minutes 1

Let donors know what to expect

Utilize SMS and email to communicate clearly with first-time and returning donors, making sure each person gets the information specific to them

Send documents and forms in advance

Some new donor processes must happen on-site, but some forms can be completed in advance. Send new donors links to forms before they show up for their appointment.

Drive repeat donations

Our texting partners let you reach your previous donors to communicate promotional events and get those donors back in the center.

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Maximize Profit

The brutal truth - Fed chair Jerome Powell has said that 10% unemployment for one year should solve the inflation problem in the US. That’s over 30 million people without a source of income

Donations Overview

Expand capacity

A recession means more donors. Lots more. Most centers are already at capacity, and center managers don’t have clear insights into how they can expand capacity. Appointment data gives them the insight they need to highlight opportunities for increased volume

Increase donation volume

Use appointment data to identify opportunities. We’ve worked with centers that have increased total monthly donations by over 20% after implementing appointments

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See it in Action!

Check out how other healthcare practices use DaySmart Appointments to handle high traffic volumes.