27 October 2022
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Online Appointment Scheduling Increases Booking by 100% for Any Lab Test Now

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Jenna Brookner
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Any Lab Test Now™ is a franchise business that provides clinical, DNA, and toxicology laboratory testing directly to consumers. With a call center and over 200 franchise locations with a disjointed scheduling process, they knew it was time to look for a flexible scheduling solution that fit the unique needs of a franchise business. Keep reading to hear from Clarissa Bradstock, Chief Executive Office at Any Lab Test Now, to learn how they improved business efficiencies and created a better customer experience with the help of DaySmart Appointments.

We have increased the number of appointments by 100% since using DaySmart Appointments, and we are seeing appointments booked throughout the day. This was not possible before we started using the platform.” - Clarissa Bradstock, Chief Executive Officer at Any Lab Test Now
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What challenges were you facing before you started using DaySmart Appointments?

Clarissa Bradstock: Appointment scheduling was a disparate process across our 200-plus franchise locations. Some of the franchises were using paper calendars and others were using forms. Those who were scheduling with paper calendars would run into scheduling errors because they could not decipher the type of appointments that were taking place because the handwriting on the calendar was not legible. The locations that used forms would have their team manually import the data into the calendar, leading to double booking.

We knew it was time to look for a centralized scheduling solution when we were about to roll out a call center that would help with appointment scheduling. Our goal was to find a solution that could share schedules across locations and allow real-time booking.

Why did you choose DaySmart Appointments for your online scheduling software?

Clarissa Bradstock: What stood out about DaySmart Appointments was the sophisticated scheduling system with a solid API. Each franchise has a unique way of running their business, meaning their scheduling process and needs were unique to them. We needed a solution that would allow each franchise to customize their appointment scheduling process and provide a holistic view across locations.

We also have a variety of systems already in use that we wanted to integrate with, like our website and Textellent, which is our texting platform for appointment reminders, texts upon arrival, and text marketing campaigns. DaySmart Appointments gave us that capability.

“Being a franchise business, not every location is set up the same way, but DaySmart Appointments allows them to set up their locations for their unique business. Some franchises are multi-location, and it allows them to manage all locations.” - Clarissa Bradstock, Chief Executive Office at Any Lab Test Now
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How has scheduling changed since utilizing DaySmart Appointments?

Clarissa Bradstock: Efficiency and customer experience have improved tremendously.

We have increased the number of appointments by 100% since using DaySmart Appointments, and appointments are booked throughout the day. This was not possible before we started using the platform. More customers are making appointments online, which has helped staff prioritize larger projects and not focus on answering calls and emails about appointment scheduling and cancellations.

DaySmart Appointments also improved operational efficiency because businesses can gather consent forms and payments before the customer arrives for the appointment. The color-coding feature gives the front office quick visibility into what a customer has completed before check-in so they know what the customer still needs complete before they can go to their appointment.

Finally, our franchise businesses have flexibility when building their schedules so they can adjust appointment time lengths and quantity of appointments based on their location's resources like staff, equipment, vaccinations, and testing kits. Being able to put limits on appointment types has also helped save money. For example, a franchise can determine how many vaccine vials they need in a day without worrying about wasting anything.

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